Register as a new patient

We welcome all new patients.

Practice Area

You can register as a new patient with the practice if you live in our practice area.

Please use the map below to check whether your address falls within our Practice boundary:

Catchment Area

How to register as a new patient

You can register online or by visiting the surgery.

Please be aware that any online registrations received for patients living outside of the Practice Boundary will be rejected. Please use the map above to check your address prior to registering.

Click here to register online

Alternatively, visit the surgery in person and complete an application form at reception. Please provide 2 forms of identification for each person where possible (one photo ID and one proof of address).

Examples of Identification:

  • Passport
  • UK photo Driving Licence
  • ID card for foreign nationals
  • Entry clearance docs (stamped)
  • Current residence permit (stamped)
  • Official tax notification
  • Benefits / pensions book (not card)

Examples of Proof of Address:

  • Utility bills (not mobile phone)
  • Bank statement
  • Housing contract
  • Official insurance doc
  • Official tax (or similar) doc
  • Residence permit
  • Letter from IND/BIA (with stamp)
  • Work permit

New patients will need to complete an initial health questionnaire.

Proof of ID is not essential and you will not be denied registration at the Practice if you cannot provide this.

Overseas Visitors

If you are an overseas visitor to the UK there may be a charge to see the Doctor or Nurse.

Updating Your Details

Please let us know if you move address, change your phone number(s) or email. You can do this in person or if you are registered for online services you can do this via the patient portal.

Temporary Residents

If you are visiting the area for work, family reasons, holiday or studies, you can register with the Practice temporarily (from 16 days to 3 months). You will still remain registered with your permanent GP back at home.

To register as a temporary resident the place you are staying needs to be within our catchment area.

We will pass details of any treatment you have to your GP, who will add the information to your medical records.

New Born Babies

To register a new born baby, it is essential that your provide the practice with the NHS number (found in the front of your babies red book) along with a copy of the birth certificate.