Emergency Surgery

Our ‘Emergency Surgery’ is a walk in service for urgent medical issues that need same day attention.

Emergency Surgery runs from 8:30am – 10:15am, Monday to Friday, at both Park Road Medical Centre and Menston Medical Centre.

Emergency Surgery works as follows:

  1. Patient checks in for Emergency Surgery via Reception.
  2. Reception will provide the patient with a form to complete which includes symptoms, timeframe the symptoms have been present and the patient’s preferred outcome from attending. This must be completed before a patient can be seen.
  3. This information will be passed to a GP who will triage from the information provided.

Following the triage, one of the following actions will be taken:

  • A Clinician will see you in Emergency Surgery.
  • The GP will refer you to an alternative more appropriate service (further details
  • The GP will request that you are given a booked appointment within an appropriate timeframe based on clinical need. This may be in a few days, or the following week and we have appointments allocated for this.

Please be assured that if there is a clinical need for you to be seen on the day, you will be seen.

To ensure the service is run efficiently, only one ailment can be discussed. Any routine issues will be diverted to a future pre-bookable appointment.

Routine pre-bookable appointments will still be available to book in advance.